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Taxi and transportation application development

Active Bridge team has strong industry expertise in developing fully-functional cross-platform logistics, food delivery applications, and taxi booking applications with route optimization, real-time fleet management, and advanced administrative features.

The key to the success of all applications with booking features is their simplicity. We have experience in developing app features, modules, and UI/UX design to book a taxi or order food. Our remote developers design and develop online booking solutions that are fast and easy to use, ready for further scaling and ensure high data security.

How we can help with taxi booking and transportation app development


We offer full-cycle assistance

for transportation project development, covering cloud hosting and UX/UI design, through app development and QA, to technical delivery, security compliance, maintenance, and support.


Rapid development

based on the agile practice that facilitates getting MVP in a short period of time and transforming it into a solid, scalable, and reliable product


Cross-platform solutions

of custom taxi and transportation apps development based on experience in complying with industry and market regulations


Food delivery app development solutions


Our team of tech talents design UI/UX delivery app solutions that provide couriers and administrators with broad functionalities for order and customer management. These solutions are cross-platform food delivery applications consisting of a food ordering app, food seller/restaurant admin app, and delivery agent app.

Taxi booking app development solutions


Our dedicated development teams offer a personalized approach for every taxi business, from requirement gathering to the taxi company app launch. We build entirely customized and tested taxi booking solutions that are fast and easy to use, are ready for further scaling, and ensure high data security.

Mapping and logistic solutions


We develop custom supply chain management applications or embedded functions for each step of the process, from inventory management to order fulfillment. We empower applications with precise maps, navigation features, and GPS capabilities.

Case Study

Custom taxi app development solution for the local market

  • Contract type: dedicated development team
  • Team size: 6
  • Period of collaboration: 2017 - 2020
  • Client’s location: Ukraine
  • About the client:

    Electrotaxi company, CabLook Taxi, initiated the project aiming to contribute to the improvement of a local on-demand transportation system. The product is a complete web and mobile-based solution covering all the modern features passengers, drivers, and managers need.

  • Challenge:

    It became clear that the local market needed a taxi service provider which bases its service on a fundamentally new technological approach with an emphasis on the eco component of the business. Developing a taxi service was a part of the solution.

    The app’s primary goal is booking secure individual and carpooling rides of taxi company's vehicles. CabLook Taxi aimed at building a cross-platform application for the tech-friendly public. By developing applications for drivers and passengers, the company planned to expand it with add-ons such as food delivery features, corporate travel, and shuttle service. The app is a powerful web-based management system and a functional taxi booking solution.

  • Technologies:

    Ruby on Rails / PostgreSQL / React Native / IOS / Android


Passenger App

Trip Request
Trip Confirmation
Matching Process
Payment Procedure
Rating and Review

Part of our taxi booking app development services was designing and building an on-demand passenger app with all the key features and an intuitive UI to make seamless cab bookings.We are concerned about full data security development and testing to meet GDPR compliance standards.



Easy registration

Sign in via SMS, by submitting your mobile number.

Extended features

  • Profile settings
  • Mobile number verification
  • Payment cards validation

Quick booking system

Users can pick from the saved ride options, choose a destination, get fare estimates, ETA and book a ride in a few taps.

Extended features

  • Start and end location pins
  • Planing a ride with several locations
  • Scheduling of a ride for a specific date and time
  • Possibility to observe all the taxi cabs on the map in real-time
  • Checking the price for a ride beforehand
  • Easy trip cancellations with applicable charges
  • View all past trip requests and ability to repeat the trips

Real-time cab tracking

Users are able to track the driver’s movement in real-time on a map, get alerts when their cab is found when the car arrives, and when the ride ends via push notifications.

Extended features

  • Real-time cab location tracking
  • Cab arrival tracker and push notifications
  • Other timely app-related updates via push notifications
  • Contact the driver via cell option

Application Security

The app’s security includes application hardening to obscure code, network security, server protection from cyber-attacks, two-factor authentication, and implementation of PCI DSS requirements.

Cross-platform apps for drivers

Drivers as taxi company employees can receive and accept ride requests from the users through the taxi driver app, edit further trips or help users to edit a current trip.



Easy registration and verification process

Driver registration is similar to user registration. The verification process of a driver is done from the administrator side of things (license, vehicle insurance, etc). Current car status informs as to the availability of a driver.

Extended features

  • Drivers can add the necessary details and request a signup
  • Driver’s profile management

Processing real-time request

Drivers get the app with a simple interface to receive trip orders to accept or deny, including information regarding passengers’ location, route, and travel history.

Extended features

  • Drivers can mark themselves online or offline
  • Drivers get notified of new requests with pickup details
  • Drivers get push notifications about trip changes and completion
  • Intuitive interface to accept rides in the limited time frame

Trip management and built-in navigation

Drivers are notified about the user’s trip details and get built-in navigation to make a flawless trip route using MapBox.

Extended features

  • Getting details about their customer for a seamless pickup and drop
  • The ability for a driver to select a ride with a preferred destination
  • Built-in navigation with MapBox
  • Tracking additional taxi services requests: bulk luggage, baby seat, pet carrier, etc.
  • Ability to call passengers for any clarification on pickup location or scheduled trips
  • Status confirmation of arriving, starting and ending a trip to get automated bills

Admin panel. Management tool.

A central management tool for managers and taxi business owners. Using browser-based admin platform managers can track and run all aspects of the taxi booking operations.



Employee Management

Admins can check and approve requests for new driver signups and add new drivers manually when required.

Extended features

  • Adding drivers, reviewing signup requests, setting commission rates
  • Viewing and tracking real-time fleet availability and current location on a map
  • Adding vehicles information, sorting it with management filters

Clients management

Managers have the opportunity to track new and return users, view their ride history and feedback.

Extended features

  • Tracking all registered users on cross-platform taxi app and managing their details
  • Admins can create new bookings for some purposes and use auto-assignment
  • Adding and managing bonuses that will show in the app

Payment processing

Managers and admins have the opportunity to set up billing processes for employees, also track detailed trip history and keep transaction records

Extended features

  • Admins can manage rate/unit distance, base fare and waiting and cancellation charges
  • Admin can process payments to refund money to passengers
  • Setting up country and currency from the admin panel
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