Custom technology solutions that help businesses grow

Leverage our programming expertise in building high-performance, interactive, user-friendly applications.

Active Bridge customizes our teams to meet each client's unique needs, ensuring the perfect fit of developers for every project. Our team members treat the client’s team and goals as their own and are as committed to creating a great product as an in-house employee.




years of average project duration


years of remote development experience

Fueled by a deep understanding of business contexts, our experts utilize proven practices and their extensive experience to produce readable, scalable, and highly efficient code.


These are just a few selected case studies.

Through 10+ years we've been assisting in developing a variety of SaaS, Fintech, InsurTech, HIPPA compliance applications, booking platforms, logistic systems, and CRMs for different types of businesses.

Our high-performance team uses a collaborative approach to deliver measurable results.

Project development approach

Our project development process takes 4 major steps: preparation, project design, UI/UX and project development, MVP/project launch.



The preparation stage is aimed at getting general information about the project idea, goals, technical requirements. This process includes Zoom/GoogleMeet/Skype calls and rough project estimates.

Intro call with a client
Sign NDA (if needed)
Getting project specifications
Providing estimation
Q&A call
Sign contract

Project Design

We gather, analyze, and specify requirements through project goals and requirements engineering processes. This stage is for solving initial stage tasks. We exchange with yout general information about product specifics, technologies, and team composition. Design project architecture and setting up the development environment. The client gets access to our communication and tracking tools.

Creating precious estimates
Composing dedicated team
Setting up the development environment
Set up first development sprint

UI/UX design and project development

During this stage, we create a final visual representation of your project ( or you can provide staff from your in-house designer) and the development team starts to implement it.

Creating wire-frames
Design clickable prototypes
UI design approval

MVP/project launch

We follow Agile methodologies of web development flow including Scrum. We test project functionality at every stage of the workflow.

Creating wire-frames
Design clickable prototypes
UI design approval
Agile project development

Staff augmentation approach

Active Bridge developers become an integrated part of your in-house development team for the duration of the project. Our talented staff will immerse themselves in the project, adopt and maintain your company culture, and make your goals their own, ensuring seamless integration.

The preparation stage is aimed at getting general information about your requirements to a candidate. They complete a test task and pass interviews with you.
Intro call
Discuss requirements for the candidate
We select developers among our poll
Sign agreement
We help with setting up the environments, configuring daily stand-ups, reporting, time tracking, etc.
Ongoing work
We focus on the motivation providing developers or dedicated team; make sure all agreement obligations are met; and are available to support any time.
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