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We build responsive mobile applications with rich features and solid security.

With over 5 years of experience, our team excels in developing custom mobile applications across industries including healthcare, edtech, taxi & transportation, and travel & booking. Leveraging our technological expertise, proactive approach, and agile methodology, we ensure that your investments are optimized throughout the mobile app development process.







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Cross-platform mobile app development services

our dedicated teams provide

React Native
rapid development


Our cross-platform mobile technology engineers provide high-performing code that delivers app excellent engagement and conversions across iOS, Android, Web platforms.

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Our Flutter developers provide effective, high-performing, high-fidelity iOS and Android solutions. We take all advantages of the technology like agile rapid development and easier testing process.

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Our Ionic developers build customized applications, that run fast on all of the latest mobile devices, thanks to Ionic library of mobile-optimized UI components, gestures, and tools for building highly interactive apps

Our experts build robust native applications or equally functional cross-platform apps that users love.

React Native app development

Our React Native Development company delivers high-performance and secure mobile applications. React Native is a JavaScript framework for developing cross-platform applications. We don’t build a web or a hybrid app, Active Bridge creates projects identical to native iOS and Android ones with building components and APIs. The result is a mobile UI with all features of the native apps.


Rapid and cheap mobile app development

React Native makes it possible to use the same codebase for Android and iOS apps. That’s why React Native development services cost less and allow reducing development time by up to 30% compared to native Android/iOS projects.


Custom interface design with UI/UX components

Leveraging React Native framework, developers create apps with an engaging user experience. React Native helps our engineers to build flawless UI/UX design with push animations, basic transitions, overrides, and gestures.


Easy to update any changes in functionality

React Native intuitive modular architecture provides the ability to update applications quickly. It’s profitable for businesses to create stable, flexible applications that withstand AppStore and PlayMarket requirements.

Flutter application development

Flutter is a mobile app software development kit (SDK) built by Google for Android and iOS. It is a cross-platform app development tool. Businesses use Flutter to fill the gap between quality and productivity and to build apps for iOS and Android without extra costs. It is one of the newest cross-platform technologies our development team prefers to use.

What’s unique about Flutter, it makes it possible to build apps that look and work like native ones but without native components.


An app has the potential for further growth

Experienced Flutter developers design apps that will not only work on mobile devices but also on web browsers and desktops. That’s possible thanks to a single codebase.


Fast coding and perfect UX

Flutter is built based on the principles of modern development practices. It means developers create mobile applications with reach UI elements in only several lines of code. The Flutter includes two ranges of widgets corresponding to Google’s design language (Material Design widgets) and Apple’s iOS design language.


Better Native Performance

Flutter helps to rephrase the content to UI manually and can update factors in the state. So mobile developers can skip various needless actions to build swift and flawless UI. Also, Fluter makes the testing process quicker and more efficient. Engineers use a single test for both platforms.

application development

Ionic is an open-source framework used for hybrid mobile app development. Hybrid apps refer to mini websites operating within a mobile app and possessing direct access to the primary levels of the server. Focus on technology innovation nature, our team of Ionic developers leverages Ionic navigation tools, Ionic features, and Cordova plugins to develop feature-rich hybrid apps.


Scalable user interfaces

Ionic app developers mix HTML5 and CSS3 and cross-fitting the same with JavaScript libraries to provide visually appealing UI, therefore drawing more customers to the site.

Rapid development and space optimization

Ionic framework focuses on agile languages and enables fast development at a low cost. Also, the Ionic development team designs space-optimized apps. This optimization enhances RAM and escalates the efficiency of a particular device.

Our Ionic developers leverage the mobile SDK, plugins, themes, UI library, widgets, side menu, touch, and other elements to build robust hybrid apps.

Cross-platform application development approach

We assist you to build intuitive, easy-to-use applications that attract and retain user attention.


Discovery stage.

A client approaches us with an idea for a mobile app. We request a Terms of Reference (ToR), and if the customer doesn’t have one, we send a brief for developing a mobile app. The brief helps to prioritize the app’s goals and objectives. If required, we sign an NDA.


Estimation stage

A quick estimation takes from a few hours to a day and provides a rough idea of the labor involved. A detailed estimation takes from several days to a week, but it gives a precise idea of a result.


  • scope of tasks
  • project budget

Analysis and Planning stage

Analytics is not always part of the mobile app development process. Analysts identify the requirements for a mobile application, build schemes of user interactions, design the basis of UI - wireframes.


  • functional requirements specification
  • specification of non-functional requirements
  • basis of graphic interface - wireframes
  • project plan
  • detailed budget

Application design stage

Some clients come with an out-of-the-box design. If the customer does not have a design, we generate the UI/UX from scratch. At this stage, the UI/UX designer provides static prototypes and, at the clients request, interactive application prototypes.


  • wireframes
  • style guide
  • mockups
  • prototypes

App development stage

This part includes the development of three integral parts: back-end/server technology, API(s) and the mobile app front-end.


  • test version of the application

Testing and bug-fixing

We perform quality assurance (QA) testing during the mobile app development process. It makes applications stable, usable, and secure.


  • user experience testing
  • functional testing
  • performance testing
  • security testing

Deployment & Support stage

Our team handles the technical aspects of deployment, configuration, setup, and distribution to app stores or other platforms during the Deployment & Support stage. We ensure a seamless launch and provide ongoing support to address post-launch issues.Output: Deployed application across desired platforms Ongoing support and maintenance services Continuous monitoring and updates for optimal performance.

We can offer our expertise in developing custom applications and cloud-based platforms for startups and SMB

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