Team Extension Engament model
Experience management flexibility by augmenting your in-house team with our experts, offering offshore specialist rates.
of Computer Science Master’s degree talents
of senior/middle Ruby on Rails, ReactJS engineers
Certified English knowledge
week to launch a dedicated team or 2-3 days on a developer onboarding

Professional Team as a Service

We strike the perfect balance between growing alongside our success and keeping our team small enough to be highly flexible and agile.
Our dedicated development teams
  • with over 10 years of remote work experience, our dedicated development teams deliver solutions for global companies as part of Active Bridge's R&D department in Ukraine
  • have a deep understanding of OOP principles and 10+ years of web/cloud software engineering expertise, all programmers have a BS or MS in Computer Science
  • consist of professional web and mobile developers with development experience in Fintech, EdTech, Healthcare, Travel and Logistics, CRM, and SaaS products
  • have B2 - C2 certified English knowledge, meaning our remote developers can speak and understand English well
  • are passionate about Ruby on Rails and add-ons technologies and motivated to keep their skills sharp
Active Bridge provides IT staff augmentation services to help companies augment their in-house teams and scale up their development processes. Our dedicated teams of developers integrate seamlessly with your engineering team, giving you flexible staffing solutions to meet your project’s needs. We offer the following types of collaboration: managed team extensions and dedicated developer teams.

Team Extension engagement model

For companies lacking time for recruitment, extending in-house IT teams with our tech experts offers a timely solution for hiring remote developers temporarily. With remote on-demand app development solutions, you’re no longer limited to the specialists in your proximity. Take advantage of all team extending opportunities.
Extending in-house IT teams with outside experts is the perfect solution for companies which
already have launched a long-term project and wish to enhance the existing team with needed technical expertise
plan to develop a new product, but are limited to the technical specialists in their local area
plan to hire a remote specialist to fulfill specific web development task requirements


business gets using managed team collaboration model
Engage flexible, qualified help when needed for a limited times
More cost-efficient than hiring full-time employees
No additional overhead or tax burden on in-house staff
No recruiters to engage in costly and time-consuming interviewing
Our developers become an integrated part of your existing in-house development team for the project duration. They will immerse themselves in your project, adopt and maintain your company culture, and make your team’s goals their own, ensuring seamless integration.

The dedicated development team model

Choosing to work with a dedicated development team, you get an already formed group of developers and/or other tech specialists engaged in your project exclusively. This team becomes a natural extension of your internal team, you can manage a dedicated team of developers as your full-time employees, even though they work from our office and we provide them complete administrative support.
Magic Trick
We provide a team of dedicated developers on a long-term basis following your estimates. You may choose to manage the team from your side or assign one of our Active Bridge project managers to the job.
Extending an in-house team with a dedicated web development team is the perfect solution for companies that
have long-term projects with multiple tasks and aren’t going to deal with numerous organizational issues and expenses of hiring and onboarding new tech staff
are going to launch a new internal project and decrease risks to zero by handing over the development process to an experienced team
are startups planning to build an MVP asap to present to potential investors
Key benefits
of Dedicated Team engagement model
  • No additional overhead or tax burden required to bring on provided dedicated development team in place of in-house staff
  • The in-house management team can focus on business project tasks while we handle the rest of the project development process
  • A client can actively monitor how a project is being developed at any stage to reach maximum proficiency and accuracy in terms of the desired result
  • Our dedicated ruby on rails development team is also flexible and straightforward in terms of scope, time, and costs
There’s complete transparency in terms of task statuses, achieved results, and planned activities.
Onboarding process
Collect requirements
During this stage, you outline your key goals, the required technologies, skills, and experience in the project’s domain, as well as the preferred development methodology and team size (team extension or dedicated development team model). We sign the NDA if you request.
Prescreening candidates
We conduct a thorough analysis of the request, select developers with the requested skills and expertise, and ensure if they have other soft skills matching your team and project. Our management team provides you with a list of candidates and engagement options meeting the project specification.
Once we find some qualified developers, we hand them over to you to conduct the interview and make a final decision. If we have unoccupied specialists in-house, the onboarding process takes 2-3 days. In case we don’t have the proper tech talent, we do additional hires that can take around 1 month.
Signing the agreement and passing control
After the candidates have been interviewed and we have reached an agreement on the management processes (environment, schedule, accounting, communication, etc.), you have full control over the dedicated development team or augmented talents, their time, and work. We ensure the smooth workflow of the hired developers.
We can offer our expertise in developing custom applications and cloud-based platforms for startups and SMB
Web application development services
We’re motivated to scale your business, as we are more than just a web development service provider.
Custom Ruby on Rails development services
We come to you with 10+ years of Ruby on Rails experience. Ruby is a dynamic, interpretable, high-level programming language. Rails is a framework created for rapid web application development and deployment.
Mobile application development services
We provide cross-platform mobile application development services so you can reach your customers on their favorite devices.
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