Full-Stack Development Services

Web application development services

At Active Bridge, our number one goal is to find effective web solutions to meet the needs and goals of our clients’ businesses. To cover all aspects of our clients’ web programming needs, we employ a full-stack web development process, meaning our developers are experienced in both back-end development (server-side) and front-end development (user-side). As a result, we can offer our clients elegant and professional web solutions, whatever their needs may be.
+ Behavior-Driven Development (BDD)

Behavior-Driven Development (BDD)

To ensure successful achievement of the goals of our clients’ projects we utilize behavior-driven development, or BDD. Simply put, BDD is a software development process based on user behavior, ensuring that the finished product provides the best possible experience for the end users it’s intended for.

  • Tests are easy to understand for non-tech managers
  • Tests are easily changed as needed
  • Tests can be written by product-owners
  • Tests focus on description and implementation without unnecessary complication

Mobile application development services

At Active Bridge we bring our mobile development expertise together with your ideas to create incredible apps. We’re experienced in building mobile applications for both specific mobile operating systems as well as hybrid applications, so whether you want your app to run on iOS, Android, or an embedded web browser, we can help.
Core technologies we specialize in
Ruby on Rails
Ruby on Rails is a fast, reliable framework that includes everything needed to build complex database-backed applications.
Angular JS
Angular JS is a front-end web application framework used for single-page web apps that allow processing of data on the user-side.
React is a JavaScript library for developing user interfaces ideal for solving performance project issues and increasing delivery speed.
React Native
React Native is a JavaScript framework used for developing native apps using React. It’s ideal for building fast, easily scalable apps for both iOS and Android.
Ionic is a software development kit (SDK) used for hybrid mobile applications and cross-platform mobile development.
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