Picking the right tech stack, we help startups and SMEs looking to solve their technical business challenges, complex or routine

The insatiable need to learn and grow is part of the fundamental nature of all human beings. Our team accomplishes both by continually seeking out new and more efficient ways to provide custom application development services at Active Bridge. We encourage our developers to constantly pursue new knowledge, whether it be taking educational courses, attending conferences, or just sharing their knowledge around the office, or contributing to open source. We believe that where there is growth, there is innovation, and that belief drives us forward.

Web application development services

Beyond web development, we aim to be your comprehensive technology partner, scaling your business with our expertise in creating complex, intuitive, and user-friendly applications.

Custom Ruby on Rails development services

We come to you with 10+ years of Ruby on Rails experience. Ruby is a dynamic, interpretable, high-level programming language. Rails is a framework created for rapid web application development and deployment. We're able to create websites of any complexity.

Mobile application development services

Our cross-platform mobile development services ensure your application is accessible on all major devices—iOS, Android, and Windows—without the need for separate apps. We help your business to reduce upgrade costs, time-to-market, and to reach more users without loss of quality
Launching an application on various platforms
Our developers write one source code for all platforms. You don’t need to hire separate tech teams for each platform, as it’s possible to launch and update an application by using a variety of cross-platform development tools.
Flutter, Ionic & React Native for mobile app development
We use technologies that significantly speed up development time and cut time to market, which benefits everyone, from the dev team all the way to sales and marketing.
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Active Bridge’s success is not only due to the quality of our developers’ work; it's down to attitude, team approach, and the way we treat our clients.
Negotiation Approach
Initial Negotiations
Our process begins with your initial brief, followed by an in-depth discussion of your project's goals, background, priorities, and constraints during the introductory call.
Analyzing inquiries and preparing a proposal
After the initial discussion, our remote developers prepare follow-up questions to clarify our understanding of your project needs. Also, our dedicated team prepares a proposal, describing prospective technology, budget, and time frames. If you request, we can negotiate an NDA.
Estimating and scheduling
It’s the right moment for sharing all the related documentation, such as technical specifications, business use cases, wireframes, designer materials, and preliminary sketches that could be of use to the development team. Having come to understand your requirements we provide a Statement of Work or some other document that clearly describes prospective technology, budget, time frames, the tools that the full-stack developers use, the roles and responsibilities of the team members involved.
Sign the agreement and start the development process
Our remote development teams follow the Agile project management methodology. For most projects, we use Scrum and can cover all development roles. We divide the routine development tasks into 2-week long sprints. Also, we provide daily stand-up meetings talking about the progress of the tasks, report roadblocks. You and your in-house team can also take an active part in the discussion and be fully involved in the development process.
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