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For over 8 years, we've provided custom application development solutions and programming services to healthcare organizations, HealthTech startups, care providers, and medical ISVs.

Healthcare products we’ve been delivering

We specialize in creating functional healthcare applications that comply with HIPAA and regulatory standards. Our portfolio includes complex SaaS healthcare platforms, scalable web/mobile apps for patients and doctors, e-prescribing modules, enterprise applications, billing systems, and more.

How we can help with custom healthcare app development


Full-cycle assistance

of medical project development, from cloud hosting and UX/UI design, through app development and QA, to technical delivery, security compliance, maintenance, and support.


Rapid development

based on the agile practice that facilitates getting MVP in a short period of time and transforming it into a solid, scalable, and reliable product


Cross-platform solutions

of custom healthcare apps development based on wide experience in complying with industry and market regulations

Case Study

A HIPAA-compliant communication and clinical collaboration platform

  • Contract type: development team augmentation
  • Team size: 4
  • Period of collaboration: 2015 - ongoing
  • Client’s location: Missouri, United States
  • About the client:

    Mediprocity is a leading American HIPAA-compliant encryption platform protecting patients, healthcare providers, prescribers, pharmacists, and vendors by securing clinical communications and electronic patient health information (ePHI).

  • Challenge:

    Our task was to develop a software system that encrypted data transactions between entities licensed to handle sensitive patient health information within the United States. We aimed to create a reliable medical application and a secure HIPAA-compliant cloud hosting environment available 24/7. Additionally, we needed to develop assets for healthcare professionals to manage and resolve prescription orders from mobile devices.

  • Technologies:

    Ruby on Rails, Grape, MySQL, Anycable, Redis, ActiveRecord, Sidekiq, Elasticsearch, Electron, Angular 11, Ionic 3, IOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, Docker, AWS


User identification

When users create an account profile on Mediprocity’s new system, they generate an encryption key protecting all patient health information. That key can be updated using the “Super Admin” user-account feature. The admin panel is configured for both organizations and private individuals.

  • an encrypted communication layer (SSL)
  • role-based authentication and permissions management
  • bruteforce application login detection and blocking of access for suspicious users

Security message system

All-in-one secure messaging, forms, and RX Orders. Any transfer of text, documents, images, graphics, or any other type of information is encrypted and available only to the sender and the intended recipient on the Mediprocity system.

  • secure SSL-based connection protocols for exchanging data between users and the server a strict password policy
  • suspicious activity detection and prevention
  • isolated database access that allows connections with role-based authentication

Multi-platform compatibility

The system was developed as cloud-based software and mobile applications that can be installed on multiple operating systems, including Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, and iOS.

  • browser-based, iOS or Android app, the operating system installation
  • notifications allow users to be alerted by email, SMS text, or the mobile push notifications
  • fully integrated API or Widget into any portal or software

Complex project architecture

The system is designed to handle scale user databases, transactions, and messages and store this information for ten years. The architecture is multifaceted not only in terms of technology, but also in terms of its use case, roles, development, and deployment.

  • building a consistent architecture that’s scalable enough to allow for further project development
  • making the system convenient for people with disabilities

HIPAA system integration

The system is designed under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) which requires secure forms to be easily converted to PDF or loaded into a database. The system also provides the end client with a custom legal box, which allows the end client’s legal team to add custom terms and conditions for acceptance by their patients.

  • securely sharing HL7 messages
  • limiting the scope of data visibility for sensitive PII/PHI data
  • implementing AWS as a 100% HIPAA-compliant infrastructure provider
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