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Insurance application development

The InsurTech products sector revolutionizes how customers manage their insurance, offering holistic and user-friendly solutions like never before.

At Active Bridge, our dedicated developers craft secure and reliable InsurTech solutions, prioritizing the highest level of data integrity. We empower companies to automate manual operations and claims verification, minimize human errors, and enhance customer experiences through our expertise in remote technology.


Insurance industry expertise

Developing cloud software and applications for the insurance niche requires a certain level of experience from creators. Our team has 6 years of practice in this field, and we successfully launched InsurTech projects.


Industry-relevant tech stack

We are tracking the changing InsurTech market dynamics and constantly replenishing our solutions with innovative technologies.


Guarantees and confidentiality

We guarantee a high level of confidence, competitiveness, reliability, and scalability of our solutions. We always sign an NDA and assign specialists of various profiles, including those responsible for compliance with the project quality indicators.

Insurance product design and development

Our dedicated development teams adeptly navigate the complexities of InsurTech product development, addressing security, compliance, scalability, high load capacities, and seamless integration with third-party services among other challenges, ensuring robust and reliable solutions.

InsurTech product development services are handy for insurance companies, agencies, brokerages, and reinsurers that:

  • provide life and health, property and casualty insurance services;
  • provide workers claim compensation solutions;
  • need to optimize internal workflows by automating routine tasks and enhancing them with data analytics;
  • strive to provide an excellent customer experience.

How we can help with insurance product development process


Full-cycle assistance

of InsurTeach project development, from cloud hosting and UX/UI design, through app development and QA, to technical delivery, security compliance, maintenance, and support.


Rapid development

based on the agile practice that facilitates getting MVP in a short period of time and transforming it into a solid, scalable, and reliable product


Cross-platform solutions

of custom insurance product development based on wide experience in complying with industry and market regulations

Featured Case Study

Workers’ compensation e-Billing management cloud-software

  • Contract type: development team augmentation
  • Team size: 6
  • Period of collaboration: 2015 - ongoing
  • Client’s location: New York, United States
  • About the client:

    DaisyBill is a mission-focused company serving healthcare service providers who digitally manage and dispatch workers’ compensation bills to employers. The company pioneered an innovative, data-driven service to help transform the complex workers’ compensation process. DaisyBill offers a range of Software as a Service (SaaS) subscriptions to help those who care for injured workers to get paid accurately, quickly, and without administrative burdens.

  • Challenge:

    DaisyBill aimed to create Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) software to streamline how healthcare providers handle and submit workers’ compensation bills to employers. Workers' compensation billing is notoriously complex, time-consuming, and frustrating. The primary objective was to develop software that navigates through the maze of workers’ comp requirements and regulations, significantly simplifying the process.

  • Solutions:

    This cloud-based insurance management platform revolutionizes how healthcare providers, employers, and employees manage insurance tasks. By automating routine manual operations, it significantly eases the burden of insurance management. This feature-rich, modular platform streamlines insurance processes, including paperwork handling, document storage, billing workflows, billing statistics, and verified bill delivery tracking, making insurance tasks simpler and more efficient for all parties involved.

  • Technologies:

    Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, TFA, Selenium, REDIS



Features were implemented

DaisyBill workers’ comp technology provides a workflow solution that makes it easy for an employer’s team to systematically manage bill submission and payer responses.


Document management and verifying

Revenue cycle management cloud software also helps to store all sensitive documents securely in one place. This feature allows import and export functionality to simplify the user’s data handling process. The feature provides a comprehensive bill history, including an electronic receipt verifying the payer received both your bill and attached supporting medical records.


Billing statistics and reports

The platform also provides inbuilt analytics capability, which generates custom reports on employers’ information, patient records, procedure, and claims administration to comply with workers’ compensation guidelines.


Validation of bills for compliance

Workers’ compensation bills software scrubs every bill and alerts users to any errors prior to submitting the bill.


RFA delivery verification

RFA that was faxed from DaisyBill cloud-based insurance management software is retained and can be provided for the proof that proof the payer received the RFA.


Tasks and friendly reminder emails

Task Dashboard replaces spreadsheets and sticky notes with organized, automated, tasks and friendly reminder emails. The Task Dashboard alerts the user’s team of what to do and when to do it.


Fee schedule calculator

DaisyBill’s Calculator is comprised of six separate Fee Schedules and five separate Calculators. Each Calculator references a specific Fee Schedule or Fee Schedules


Built API

The software offers an API that lets businesses integrate DaisyBill with existing revenue cycle management software and export data into CSV and ANSI formats.

What’s important in a full-circle insurance product development


User experience

InsurTech applications must look and feel friendly, unobtrusive, and reliable. Creating a user experience and interface that fulfills these demands requires both domain knowledge and software design artistry.


Legal compliance

Every InsurTech product is required to adhere strictly to existing laws and must be regularly updated to align with new regulations.



InsurTech product provides secure and reliable data storage, as well as infallible payment solutions.


Cloud computing

Processing vast amounts of sensitive information requires robust technological solutions, such as the cloud. It has proven vital in InsurTech software development.

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