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We’re not just coders – we’re product strategists.

Everything we do is based on Agile methodology principles, UX best practices, and honed development processes. We’ll assist you in building products that people enjoy.


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About us

Active Bridge, a leading contract development firm, specializes in supplying on-demand full-stack engineers to help our clients and augment their in-house teams. Since 2013, our expert remote web developers have empowered partners in the building and maintenance of websites, cloud-based software as well as PWA and native mobile applications.

We started out as a small team of tech talents with a passion for Ruby on Rails and an unstoppable drive to provide effective web solutions for partners from the United States and Europe. Today, our company has grown to include a staff just of dedicated professionals with over 40 successful projects under our belt.

Company Vision

Professional team as a service

We effort to provide our customers with the most effective development solutions possible. Each client’s business, problems, and ideas require a customized approach. It is possible due to our 10 years of experience working remotely, our passion for sustainable technologies, driven staff, and our worked-out practice of creating the conditions for efficient collaboration.

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Senior Developers
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One of the most important collaborating aspects is Active Bridge’s people. We work 40 hours per week, support flexible schedules, we’re family-friendly, and provide all our developers with flexibility and freedom to continue working on their professional growth. Active Bridge company strikes the perfect balance between growing alongside our success and keeping our team small enough to be highly flexible and agile. So our on-demand engineers integrating directly with the customer’s existing business processes offer them productive work and expertise in required technologies.


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Meet our team


What makes Active Bridge a competitive application development house?

Active Bridge distinguishes itself as a leading application development house, leveraging a compact team of senior and middle Rails developers to deliver technology expertise and object-oriented programming. Our motivated team excels in seamlesslyintegrating with client operations, driven by a passion for emerging technologies and complex projects.

Technology expertise

Clients get access to the full breadth of skills and experience that our team has to offer. Our staff isn’t big, but 90% of them are senior/middle rails developers with an extensive background in object-oriented development.

A motivated workforce

Active Bridge provides remote development teams having years of experience integrating with the clients’ in-house teams and treating every project as if it was their own. They get driven by emerging technologies, challenging tasks, and code contributes.

Workflow transparency

Our contract web developers participate in meetings as often as a client requires, send daily, weekly, or monthly status reports depending on the customer’s needs. We always guarantee that programmers are assigned to only a single project, meaning a client always have their full dedication to the team’s goals.

Agile fashion development

We enable our clients to quickly add experienced development staff on a project-by-project basis. Our remote full-stack web developers easily join any project as in-house employees, adhering to Agile methodologies, like Scrum and Kanban.

IT staffing solutions

Active Bridge takes care of the sourcing and selection of qualified candidates among the company bench with the needed skills and experience level for the client’s job.

Key facts

about Active Bridge as the team of dedicated Ruby on Rails developers

  • 10+ years of remote development experience

    Growing since 2013, our team of over 40 development professionals who thrive on the cutting-edge of technology and embrace our clients’ mindsets to seamlessly integrate with their teams.

  • Huge dev stack

    On-demand developers with deep knowledge and significant experience in object-centric, document-centric languages, frameworks, DSMs platforms, and APIs.

  • Fluent communication

    Our remote full-stack developers have B2 - C2 certified English knowledge, meaning we can integrate easily into your teams and meetings without any worry of language barriers getting in the way.

  • Cost efficiency

    To enhance our offshore IT services' affordability, Active Bridge maintains research, development, and technical support operations in Ukraine. This strategic choice, enables us to offer superior value, allowing our clients to optimize their development budgets without compromising quality.

  • 4 own social-responsible products

    Active Bridge actively contributes to open source projects and develops proprietary products that make a positive impact on the community. Our portfolio includes an innovative eco-friendly taxi application, akin to Uber, designed for local eco-taxi services, and a comprehensive open platform dedicated to code refactoring.

We're ready to help startups and SME's that are looking for a trusted partner assisting in solving their technological bussiness challenges, complex or routine

Each client’s business, problems, and ideas require a unique approach. At Active Bridge, our passion for Ruby on Rails and add-ones technologies and our expertise in development enable us to identify and execute the right solutions for each unique customer need.

A culture of quality and collaboration

Active Bridge's passion for sustainable technologies drives us to identify and execute the right solutions for each unique customer need. We value the trust our clients put in us to help them meet their needs and build their products, and we are motivated by the pursuit of their successes as if they were our own.

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