Web Development

Leverage our expertise to build startup or enterprise-grade web solutions tailored to your business needs.

At Active Bridge, we cover all aspects of the web application development process, and our goal is always to find the most effective solution to meet the needs of our clients’ web problems.

At Active Bridge:

  • We craft intuitive, highly engaging solutions
  • Our qualified code is easy to maintain
  • We offer faster development and iteration
  • We use test automation to verify our ongoing processes
  • We build-in security rather than treating it as an afterthought

From MVP to scalable web solutions, we provide custom web development services and a transparent process.

Web solution types we work on:

  • Web Applications
  • SaaS
  • Cloud Software
  • E-commerce solutions
  • CRM and ERP
  • DataCenters
  • Booking systems
  • Streaming applications

We excel at crafting digital experiences that both look and work impressive.

web development services

Your web application should be fast-loading, convenient, and reliable to attract a targeted audience. It has to render on various devices, to be supported by different browsers and operating systems. Our client-side development experts can help you with it.

But providing front-end development services is just part of our job. It is crucial to take care of high performance, resilience, and security while building a website. Our back-end development solutions are not just designing and building databases, connecting server and application parts. It’s about creating a scalable, secured, user-friendly product that works seamlessly and earns your clients’ loyalty.

  • Focusing on the BDD process based on user behavior, we ensure that the finished product provides the best possible experience for the end-users.
  • Leveraging TDD, we write initially correct and tested code that enhances an application architecture.
  • Building robust data structures and profound architecture with the Rails framework, we make your product run smoothly and fast.
  • Writing clean, well-documented code, we make it compliant with the standards of the programming languages.

Whether you’re looking for a web development service provider or dedicated full-stack developers to integrate with your in-house team, we assign the right talents for your project.

Web development service company with a customized approach


Technology expertise

In-depth technology stack knowledge allows us to pay more attention to agile web development services and quality assurance


On-boarding best practices

Our clients highly value the company’s ability to compose sustainable dedicated teams for productive cooperation.


Transparency and communication

As soon as we sign a contract you get access to all the tools we use as well as to every team member at every step of the agile development process.


Focus on an industry

Before we start a project development, we investigate your domain and business specifics.

Focusing on Ruby on Rails, we pick an add-on technology stack according to your needs and goals

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Our web development approach

There’s no need to invest in your team of developers - the cheaper option is to collaborate with external teams. Our dedicated teams are agile, and workflow is fully transparent.

We use an Agile methodology that relies on the small steps: releasing versions of a working product regularly and as early as possible. Thus, each iteration is a micro-step in development, immediately validated by practice. It means, you get (albeit small) working functionality directly after the first iteration.

With a proven process and commitment to quality code, we help you to become a digital stand-out with the right web development solutions


full-stack engineers


years of remote development


years average project duration


senior/middle experience level

Web development partnership contract approaches

Take advantage of proven contract types and make your project a success

Team extension contract type
Extending in-house IT teams with outside tech experts is the right solution for companies that don’t have the time to spare for recruiting and are going to hire remote developers on a temporary basis.
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Project outsourcing contract type
Based on Project Development Engagement model, Active Bridge provides the full-force of our web application development team to businesses in need of a complete project management and development solution.
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We can offer our expertise in developing custom applications and cloud-based platforms for startups and SMB

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