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Thanks to ten years of expertise in Ruby on Rails development, we can offer input when it comes to delivering a quality app from early stages to a successful product.

Innovation is at the heart of all success in the technology sector, and it’s essential that we constantly look for new ways to keep our web application and cloud software development solutions, operations, and services at the cutting edge. We foster innovation through continuous improvement, ensuring our skills remain industry-leading for our clients.

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An advantage of our team is that 90% of our adept full-stack developers possess deep knowledge of object-oriented programming and experience with complex database systems, including CRM, data centers, marketplaces, and analytical platforms.

Our core technology is Ruby on Rails, we see a lot of potential in it, especially mixing ROR with React, Angular, and other add-ons.


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For over 10 years, we've delivered custom web application development services to startups and SMEs across North America and Eastern Europe. We are used to working remotely, so we know that the key to making things happen is good communication and an industry-focused development approach.

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Since our inception 10+ years ago, we’ve helped over 40 startups and enterprises build successful technology to take their business to the next level.

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Whether you choose to bring Active Bridge talent into your organization to augment an in-house team or engage our full team of talented web developers, we always ensure your project is delivered on-time and inline with the expectations of your stakeholders.

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