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Where is Active Bridge company located?

Active Bridge LLC has two locations. A business entity in the USA, Arizona. We established this center to make it easier for our partners from the United States, Canada, Australia, and Europe to cooperate with the Ukrainian R&D center of Active Bridge. The R&D center in Ukraine, Cherkasy has full-time employees who are provided to customers on a contract basis. The relations of the staff members of the center with the company are regulated by the legislation of Ukraine. The company in its turn bears full responsibility for the work of its regular employees to the customer.

How can you prove that your company provides well-designed application solutions?

We have been serving the U.S., Canadian and European markets for 10 years. During this time we have helped launch successful projects, such as Knock Knock City, Foundersuite, SplitPayments, and many others. We are not just an outsourcing service provider, but a full-fledged partner to our clients who want to take their business to the next level. So many of our clients make business with us today. You can always ask for references about our work from our customers. And you can always check the ratings provided by independent sites, such as Clutch and Expertise.

What is your average hourly rate or minimum project budget?

Our average rate depends on the developers’ level of expertise. Rates vary depending on the developer's experience, soft skills and hard skills they have. An average Junior’s developer rate is $25/h, an average Middle developer’s rate is $35/h, an average Senior’s rate is $45/h.
We work on fix price cooperation model. The minimum project budget, in this case, is $30.000.

What is your main expertise?

Our main expertise is developing web-based systems, web applications, cloud-based software, cross-platform applications, and PWA. All our developers have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in computer science, have deep knowledge in OOP, and build great projects utilizing Ruby on Rails, React JS, React Native, Angular JS, and add-ones technologies.

What data and materials do you expect a client provides to proceed with project development?

We start with an introductory call with a client to clarify a client’s needs and expectations and obtain the main project details to ascertain the possibility of future cooperation. We provide all the necessary information about our company, team, and terms of collaboration.
We sign a non-disclosure agreement at the customer’s request and ask them to share with us the up-to-date information about their project. That might include a brief project overview, technical specifications, a mock-up, a list of main features, and any other details a client feels it is necessary to share.

What does your project development process look like?
  • We start with an introductory call to clarify project details and a client’s needs and expectations.
  • We prepare a project proposal, begin the investigation process, prepare a work breakdown structure. Agreed with a client.
  • We sign a contract, form a team, define milestones, set up the environment needed.
  • We create a task backlog in Trello, Jira, or other project management tools, prioritize all the tasks and provide sprint iterations schedule.
  • We arrange tasks from the top of the backlog for the upcoming sprint and waiting for your approval or suggestions.
  • We demonstrate to you the result of the current sprint and receive your feedback. If there are any improvement/change requests, we add those as tasks to the backlog to prioritize and estimate them once again.
  • We build your product iteration by iteration, and provide you with a working piece of functionality at the end of each sprint. All the project-related documentation is stored in a closed Read me file on Github.
What do the project control processes look like for your clients?
  • No matter what kind of cooperation model a client chooses - Staff Augmentation or Project Development - they get full and unconditional access to all materials our company or individual programmers worked on.

    We make all our processes transparent and easy to control. A client project development control includes:

  • slack channel access to discuss any project issues/ideas/related details with all project team members.
  • access to our development environment: Github account with a project source code, Heroku service, project’s domain access, project management tools.
  • product and sprint backlogs, regular daily meetings, retrospective, sprint reporting, timelog reports for billing.
  • continuous-integration and code reviews
What type of project-related documents and developments does a client own?

A client has access to a Github private repository as soon as the project development process starts. Also, a client gets all the IP rights and becomes the sole owner of everything created during the project (such as code, designs, etc.).

What payment methods do you handle?

We mostly work with a Time and Materials contract, but there are some cases we accept Fixed Price payment contracts. We charge per person working on the project, according to our hourly rates. We support wire transfer payments to our US bank account. We provide invoices once or twice a month based on the time reports we provide. The time reports include team members’ names all the tasks they solved, hours spent on each task. Time reports are reviewed and approved by the client before bill payments.