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Project development engagement model

Feel the flexibility of management by augmenting your in-house team with our experts at the cost of offshore specialists

Our full-stack developers leverage years of industry-specific experience to create outstanding web application solutions, bringing high-level digital services that have earned recognition from our clients. Our main asset is our developers' expertise.

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Since our establishment, Active Bridge's customer-centric approach has driven our success. Our Project Development Engagement model offers businesses comprehensive project management and development solutions, from initial design to final implementation, fully tailored to your needs.

The Project Development contract (Fixed Price) is associated with a pre-determined project cost. It is ideal to:


Companies launching their own product on the market with clearly fixed deadlines


Early-stage startups with clear goals and expected results, but without a tech team


Companies negotiated all the procedures beforehand and aren’t planning to change anything about the project in the process.

Key benefits of Project Development Contract


No extra management


Clear project goals


No recruitment costs


Fixed deadlines

Our neatly organized project development process allows us to deliver scalable reliable applications faster

Custom web application development workflow


Investigation and estimation

This stage is mostly about communication: calls, online meetings, and raw estimates. We gather information on the client’s project goals, purposes, and features and identify the current and most suitable tech solutions.

Our client gets:

  • Application development consulting with CTO
  • Ideas processing with the development team
  • Approximate project estimates
Tools: Google Meets, Skype, Confluence, Miro

Planning and preparation stage

In this critical initial stage, the assigned project team leader reaches out to the client to gather necessary information and clarify details. We aim to understand your product's specifics and business model comprehensively. In return, we offer insights into our processes, technologies, and the composition of the team dedicated to your project

Our client gets:

  • Product Roadmap and Product Backlog with user stories
  • Designed project architecture and set up the tools needed
  • Scheduled first Development Sprint
  • Final web development service agreement
Tools: Jira, Confluence, Figma

Web design and UI/UX engineering

In the web graphic/UI design stage, our designers craft user interfaces that are not only visually attractive but also accessible and functional across platforms. Beginning with wireframes and mockups, we then develop a clickable prototype (Low-Fi or Hi-Fi) to refine and validate UI solutions. Following client approval of the prototype, we proceed to create detailed specifications for the design's implementation.

Our client gets:

  • Project wireframes
  • Sketching and Low-Fi prototyping
  • Clickable prototype (Low-Fi or Hi-Fi)
  • Creating a design from the prototype
Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw, Sketch

Full-stack web application development

At this stage, our web application development team is equipped to build, test, and deliver project features effectively. Adhering to Agile methodologies and the Scrum framework, our team diligently follows user stories and meets sprint goals, ensuring solutions are delivered on schedule and within budget. Each sprint culminates in a delivered and tested segment of the project, demonstrating tangible progress.

2 weeks SPRINT Sprint Planning Daily Standups Sprint Review

Our client gets:

  • Hosting, setting up a development environment and database configuration
  • Full-stack project development approach
  • Daily or weekly reports on completed tasks
Tools: GitHub, Trello, Basecamp, CodePen

Testing and deployment

The goal of this stage is to eliminate any lingering bugs and guarantee optimal performance across all devices. Our QA specialists conduct comprehensive automated and manual tests to ensure the highest standards of code quality and user experience. Simultaneously, developers assess the project for security vulnerabilities or potential data breaches before deploying the code to platforms like AWS or Heroku.

Our client gets:

  • Behavior (BDD) and Test-driven development (TDD) approach
  • CI/CD practice to maintain delivery speed by checking code automatically and instantly before deployment.
  • Manual QA and test automation services
  • Security vulnerabilities check
  • Project deployment to AWS/Heroku/Github
Tools: Datadog, Sematext, Jira, Trello, Testrail, Charles, DDMC Android studio, Robot Framework

Post-release support and maintenance

We launch the project, set up continuous integration and delivery to increase deployment capacity. The client and development team make sure that things go as smoothly as possible. At this stage, we establish the post-release technical and organizational collaboration process between the client’s in-house team and our web application design and development team.

Our client gets:

  • Access to source code and build files
  • Technical consulting and implementing changes
  • An agile project update process
Tools: AWS, Kubernetes, Docker

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