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Since 2013, we've empowered our partners with robust, fast-loading Rails apps, showcasing our comprehensive expertise.

We are confident in our identity as a leading Ruby on Rails development company. Not just because we managed to collect and grow the team of professional RoR developers, but because we’re able to provide scalable, smooth solutions for public websites and complex enterprise resource planning applications.


Thanks to our expertise in Ruby on Rails development, we provide a high input when it comes to strategic direction, tech stack, and design

Ruby on Rails
web development services


Ruby on Rails app development

Leveraging Ruby on Rails technology, we provide rapid application development to help you launch a prototype (MVP) fast. All RoR apps have scalable web architectures so the project can manage more user requests per minute in the future.


E-commerce and marketplace development

Our full-stack Ruby on Rails developers design high-performative B2B, B2C marketplace solutions and e-commerce platforms with outstanding UIs and extensive functionality.


Ruby on Rails migration

If you consider your project technology outdated, our developers upgrade your old application by migrating it to Ruby on Rails delivering efficient, robust, portable, and maintainable code.


Ruby on Rails code maintenance and support

We maintain the integrity of our code and provide regular updates. The agile web development process includes post-development services of code optimization, scalability, and performance improvements.

Why do we advocate Ruby on Rails technology?

We do love Ruby on Rails because it’s a fast, reliable framework that includes everything needed to build complex database-backed applications. Rails framework has built-in support for varied settings across development, test, and production, and utilizing RoR means long-term maintainability and reduced risk of problems caused by human error. Technology has powered the web since 2004.



Ruby is a dynamic, interpreted, open-source programming language with a focus on simplicity and productivity and utilizes metaprogramming to create fully-functional applications.


Ruby on rails

Ruby on Rails is a fully functional, multi-level framework based on the Model-View-Controller architecture. It enables building database-driven web apps, their fast deployment, and ongoing support.



Ruby on Rails is much faster than the vast majority of modern technologies. Engineers use it for the cost-effective and rapid development of MVPs. Rails Model-View-Controller system makes modularity and extensibility of an app. So developers can extend any app with new features. In addition, we use Agile web development methodology, ready-to-use ruby on rails development tools, and an ecosystem to work productively.


Api integration

Ruby on Rails API integration is one of the best development tools. It makes development far quicker and more cost-effective. Developers can easily change codes and files, control API building, code is clear, concise, and easy to maintain.



The architecture of the Ruby on Rails entire server system enhances project scalability. Whether you have a simple website or cloud-based software system, it can work flawlessly based on this reliable technology. The framework works with the raised load and saves time on the deployment process.



Ruby on Rails web application development includes everything needed to secure the project. Rails has built-in support to help developers avoid common security issues like XSS and SQL injection. We use Ruby security gems and assessment services to prevent attacks and business logic vulnerabilities.

Code quality

Ruby on Rails code quality and review

Our remote developers focus on code quality and testing, ensuring project robustness and third-party code. We provide ongoing integration tests and the CI server presence. So it’s possible to launch ready-to-use products relatively fast, without compromising the final quality.

Our Ruby on Rails development team makes the most of the technologies and builds really effective business solutions that always work.

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Our Ruby on Rails
development approach

There’s no need to invest in your team of developers, collaboration with an external team is the cheaper option. Our dedicated teams are Agile, and the workflow is fully transparent. We share our style guide, internal documentation, and code review practices because we believe in sharing our knowledge and building trust. The client gets access to our communication and tracking tools.


Product backlog

We provide a list of product development requirements structured by priority level. The list items are User stories describing project features needed for further development.



This phase consists of processes related to planning and estimating tasks, which include Approve, Estimate, and Commit User Stories,Create Tasks, Estimate Tasks, and Create Sprint Backlogs.



The iteration includes a 10-day sprint. In the course of the sprint, there are daily meetings on a regular basis. The team discusses tasks done and undone analysis, reviews resources, and plans a new sprint.


Demo and Review

The team prepares a review describing the current sprint's goals, objectives, and accomplishments. Based on the review and demonstration, a customer suggests what developers should change in the next iteration.



Its main goal is to determine how to improve the development process in the next sprint to avoid challenges and work more efficiently.



We handle all technical aspects of deployment, including configuration, setup, and distribution to app stores or other platforms.



Trello or Jira

Customized project management tools designed for Agile teams.



Git repository hosting service. We use Git as our default distributed version control system.


Circle CI

We use it as the default continuous integration tool. Circle CI enables to automate deploy to the production of software with any complexity. (security checks are performed each time in CircleCI)



Automatic code quality checks. We use it to measure various metrics such as simplicity and code coverage as well as a link in the continuous integration process.



Environment for testing. We use a staging environment to test codes, builds, and updates to ensure quality under a production-like environment before application deployment.



Communication tool. We use it with a broad variety of integrations like Github, Trello, Circle CI, Dropbox, etc.

We can offer our expertise in developing custom applications and cloud-based platforms for startups and SMB

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