Why Ruby on Rails development company


Dasha, marketing director

Published: August 29, 2016

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Why ruby on rails development

Ruby on Rails and PHP as Apple Macintosh and PC. Ruby on Rails and PHP is culture vs chaos. PHP lets building your bike with the different parts of other bikes and don’t guide by any “Bike Tutorial”. RoR developers are more dedicated than any schoolboy, reading just one book and saying that he knows PHP. In this PHP mess, we’re more organized, and that’s our benefit.

About Developers:

Programming language Ruby isn’t for novices. There are the high barriers to entry, that’s why developers start RoR career after several years of coding on different languages. The median age of 25-28 years. Usual beginner of Ruby on Rails programming is an experienced developer with the great fund of knowledge, understanding the program and web-development principles.

RoR Developers as tough guys:

One of the most decisive parts of Ruby on Rails development culture is sociality. Solve a problem - help to solve others. Implement new module - share with the community. Ruby guys are easygoing, sociable, they have good knowledge of English and can keep talk about different things. They create unique, friendship, lighthearted company internal climate. The development process is the pleasure for them and work flow is an essential part of their life. And yet, they have a good sense of humor.

Speaking about the development process and work flow, it’s worth to mentioned that, in most cases, Ruby on Rails team operates as a dedicated team. They maintain and support the project during all stage of its development.

Main advantages:

The main advantage of Ruby language and Rails framework is the high rate of development. Experience shows that project development rate with ROR is faster on 30-40% against other program languages. There are a large collection of standard tools designed for work and the huge amount of community turnkey solutions.

In spite of other frameworks, there are a lot of useful means of automated testing system. Other programming languages and framework don’t have any testing tools. Certainly, there are third-party technologies, organizing automotive testing with PHP, but it does not default version and developers don’t think about it. RoR ideology means using of BDD and TDD.

Ruby on Rails has** project localization** feature, according to its base installation. You can provide maintenance of different languages on the website initially. The Ruby on Rails has a full-time flexibility to set up your routing, type of addresses, names of major sections. It is possible to quickly change the addresses in one place without having to change the address of the entire project.

The ordinary problem of PHP projects is the impossibility by means easy tools to control the database structure. In Ruby on Rails, there are full-time tools for working with databases called “Migration”. The database structure is stored in the application code and is configured from the project.

By default Ruby on Rails greatly designed by the safety of the project. SQL injection and XSS attacks are excluded if to use RoR tools.

The Ruby on Rails environment has many convenient and enjoyable tools. There are great tools for deploy process, as Capistrano.

File allocation standards of the project, writing code standards, the general rules of programming with Ruby on Rails structure any project. Due to this file system becomes readable. Entering the beginners into the project is very fast.

Myths and Prejudices

There aren’t Ruby on Rails developers

Let’s start with the fact, that RoR developers are, but they are less than PHP programmers. It depends on barriers mentioned above. Usually, people start Ruby after several years PHP coding, it indicates the quality of final product and development process. Nevertheless, it’s not really that many good developers in any technology.

Ruby on Rails developers are very expensive

Senior developers are really very expensive. And they are equally expensive in any programming languages and platforms. There are a little chip RoR developers, because of the lack of bad developers in the community (however, there are exceptions).

Rails don’t scale

This is the most important misconception, who doesn’t try write the serious project with RoR. Ruby on Rails is perfectly scale. Just look on Github, Groupon, and Basecamp. All these projects are developed with Rails, and they don’t have problems with scaling.

Ruby is slower than PHP

Now, Ruby efficiency doesn’t yield to PHP. But is it really important? After all, page generation time is the time, spent on queries to database. The speed of the language doesn’t play any role. At the same time, you have the great RoR opportunity to use high rate project development and the low cost of its support cost.


Dasha, marketing director

Published: August 29, 2016

Time to read: 2 min