What makes a good Project Manager


Dasha, marketing director

Published: November 9, 2016

Time to read: 3 min

Project Management

Project Manager

Project Manager is a key player in any company, he’s a core of the the whole team’s effective work. So I’ve decided to write today’s article what makes a good project manager. I’ve taken some information from my own notices, other our PMs told me. And as a result, we ended up with the following… Project Manager interacts with the customer and the development team. In many ways, building business logic and communications depends on PM’s skills. What makes Project Manager best way is to follow the basic rules well or some capacities of the management system.

Rule №1

First of all your team.

You have to find the teams’ strengths, to analyze the ability of each to do the work. There’s no reason to put a person to work if he doesn’t want or cannot. For example, it’s not necessary to make HTML developer work with AJAX, or if your designer isn’t able to create video clips in after effects, he/she cannot be assigned work like this.

Rule №2


In general, planning in every sphere of human life is important, not to mention the work of developers and deadlines. In any case, a good manager will calculate all possible issues and time designed to do the tasks. So planning helps the manager to follow the schedule and provide information to the customer in time. In addition, good planning makes it possible not to overload the team and contributes to effective time management.

Rule №3

A clear definition of the customer’s requirements

Experienced PM, enjoying Agile and Scrum methodology, faces with frequent changes of technical tasks and continuously adaption of existing ones. To reduce the possibility of such risks PM have to discuss all the details of requirements with customers. In some cases, good PM can predict what customer needs and expectations.

Rule №4

Mistakes are a valuable experience.

Only those, who do nothing, don’t make mistake. People always make mistakes in any kinds of work, and that’s fine. And despite this, you should learn from mistakes, and not fall into the same trap again and again.

Rule №5

Say “no”

Experienced PM can say “no” to the customer if he demands the impossible. However, the manager explains to him why this work is impossible and immediately offers an alternative. Don’t take the projects if you are not sure to complete it.

Rule №6

Constantly improving.

It’s impossible to know everything. There are projects require extra knowledge to have the deal with them. Watch the video as similar projects have been implemented, read more books, learn a new technology. Thereby PM will understand what the customer wants and pass the information to your team. If Project Manager has only a common idea of the team’s work he’ll eventually becomes a “supervisor” or “sponger”.

Rule №7.


PM have to believe he can do better than that. Be sure of your abilities, your team. The confident project manager is the manager who’s sure the project will be done in time.

Very very very important!

Any product, whether it’s a website, a mobile application software, is designed for people, not just for the customer. If you are sure that the customer’s requirements are incorrect braking business logic or destroying usability, explain to him users won’t use this application. Thus PM will avoid unnecessary work, save customer’s budget and designed a quality product for the audience.


Dasha, marketing director

Published: November 9, 2016

Time to read: 3 min