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Choosing services for the team that helps us to run our projects several times effective, we got the list of different time-management and tasks-management services. The process is complicated because every service claims itself as ‘ the best service making your ideas real right today’.

Let’s sort of step in and answer the question “How do we manage typical web projects?”. We’ll talk about some of the tools and software that we use to manage the project.

The first tool that we are talking about is Slack. It’s one of those amazing tools that is come around. Slack is a communication tool. It really works for remoting teams which is what we are. It’s great because you can create a channel for your whole team and then everyone can chip in. We can invite customers to that room and they can see that works going on. Also, Slack is really good integrations with things like GitHub, Twitter and so on.


The way we kind of have it sets up we have a channel for every project work. Our team has some projects that are run with Trello. And it’s good because of integration with Slack. We are working things appearing with channel and customers can see progress happening without something to constantly be mailings. It becomes a passive way of everybody staying today on the project without having to constantly be in communication with each other. It’s a big time saver.

One of the advantages of Slack is everybody can see every channel. It can lead to spontaneous contributions.

The next important project management tool is Trello. We set a sprint approach to the way we structure the projects or the style of projects. There is a structure code. For example, we have a column for resources and references. One is the backlog, which is all the tasks that standard for the projects. Then the column is like a QA lists. So the customer can check it or we can check it with each other. Trello is being the place where the talks valuable.


Also, we think Google Drive is probably the other one that we use a lot but the customers don't see as much. It’s sort of the place that we keep all our documentation. It’s a really good way to manage contracts, offers and things like service agreements. Google Doc has a good folder structure. It has the option to invite people in collaborate document.

The next one is Github. Github you have been using obviously. There are quite a few different services you can be used as the alternative. But we think if you are working with anyone in development you need to get off an account.

Github is a huge web service for hosting web projects and their up-to-date development. This service was known its integration with other project management systems. In September 2016, GitHub announced that it has added Kanban-style project management functionalities. On the Kanban board, you can drag and drop task cards, bugs, notes between the columns (for example, "done", "in work", etc.). Another useful new feature is the ability to add queries directly (to a patch or a new feature) in the code and approve them.

So if you are going to collaborate your work on the project you need to use a service like Github.

The useful tool for online meetings is GoToMeeting. It’s clear to use. Click on the link and you are a part of the meeting. Also, you have the ability to share the screen, make notes, record the video and see your team members. In addition, remote teams use Hangouts. This is a public and universal tool. It can be linked to Google Calendar.

Let’s sum up all above. More and more companies use the remote model of cooperation for creating web projects. It’s useful to know what tools for remote work are available. The workflow is different for everybody whatever the web project complicity was. But successful remote teams have a common feature, all of them solve the tasks. And that is why the solving issues depends on self-organization and workflow settings, it’s necessary to find the tools appropriate for yourself.


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