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It’s well known there are a lot of web development companies and specialists around the world. And they all specialize in different program languages and frameworks. Certainly, every of them has it’s advantages and disadvantages depending on several factors: from program language they use to company location. To get high-quality product an entrepreneur, CEO, HR takes decisions to hire web developer according to company needs and requirements.
Working in the web development industry I’ve got some practise knowledge about hiring process and market demand in IT sphere. So, in this article, I would like sharing this knowledge with you.

First of all, you should have a clear understanding what your application does. Do you just need an app for the web or/and mobile? Or you just need an e-commerce site with easy innovative logic? Or do you need a real time updates for the client?
If answer is yes. I advise you to hire Ruby on Rails developer. I’m not telling you how popular and useful is Ruby with its framework Rails. I just mention that ROR allows developers to develop applications quickly and deploy and maintain them easily.

Is the hiring of Ruby on Rails developer a challenge? Not, certainly not.

Hiring Ruby on Rails developer

Where to find Ruby on Rails Developer

Ruby on Rails is an open source framework, that has extremely supportive online community of developers. They always participate in Ruby on Rails talks and keeps their origin in online project hostings as Github or Heroku. Where you can check a variety of app examples and their code writing quality. Something like that https://github.com/activebridge. Also, a great source of ror developers is Stack Overflow, on which keyword “ruby on rails developer” is the most used week after week. Don’t forget about Ruby-forum.com, Railsforum.com, Rubybrain.com and so on.
Another one search way is far more interesting. May the Google help you :). As Google Trend Statistic says “hire ruby on rails developer” keyword in 2016 has flat demand, it means that search engine always checks a quite amount such keywords per month and try to input more relevant in the top of the SE traffic. It helps you to make a list of ror companies or developers you require.

Google helps you

What should you know before hiring

So, step by step. Before you start create full list what Ruby on Rails Developer is responsible for. But remember, access to the free tutorial how to create simple application doesn’t make a developer. Ruby on Rails developer is:
* He lives in a Ruby on Rails development environment. Every day he improves his skills and tries new features and abilities of this programming language. He takes part in open source community contributions and implements modern methods and technology to the project.
* He drives product development. It’s not just to write the code, but to work collaboratively playing a large role in a company’s product development roadmap.
* He follows BDD (Behaviour Driven Development) approach. This approach is being promoted by Agile lovers. BDD makes the connection between developers, users and systems analysts more easy.
* He builds and tests new application features and optimizes the user experience. He is responsible for monitoring their performance and make the necessary adjustments to ensure a seamless and enjoyable user experience.

One more thing…
You should understand, that good software takes time and money to build, and with Ruby on Rails you get required result in a relatively short time.


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