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Keep in mind the following:

  • Summaries are good: making an introduction that gives an explicit answer makes your content more visible to Google and plus – it is a great way to hook the attention of the user and make him crave for more information (if you manage to appear in the Featured Snippet)
  • Different text structures matter: as we mentioned, tables and lists may be more suitable forms for some types of content; according to data provided by Get Stat, when it comes to featured snippets – lists are 41.6% more common than paragraphs, while tables rank a bit lower (21.8%).
  • Include costs in your content: more than half of the searches include questions about the pricing of different products and services.
  • Consider adding the Q&A section to your landing page: it increases the chances of Google making your content a Featured Snippet.

Google will surely continue to improve its results, but Featured Snippets are not going anywhere. Make sure to continuously re-optimize your page and work on providing the best content readers can easily digest.


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