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You have a great idea and want to share it with a lot of people. You begin looking for specialists who’ll get this project into the life. And the first question you face with who should develop my idea. Today I would like telling you all truth about such kind of web development model as Dedicated Team.
Here goes, there is the certain category of web projects that are associated with a common feature: they are being supported and developed all the time. The main features of dedicated team realization:

  • short product releases, halving functional step-by-step;
  • there is no psychological problem as hiding troubles from customers when product realization is;
  • customer has ability quickly responds and makes decisions relating to functional improvement.

It’s noteworthy, often the payment is made due to the releases results. There are some advantages for customers to use this development model. Ordering-company no needs to create a development and product testing division. Saving of financial and material resources:

  • time and financial costs for set of a team;
  • providing workplaces;
  • training for the officers;
  • utilities costs.

Otherside, there is another side of the coin. Well, if you use original development model as Time&Material, following tricky situation can be:

  • there is issue to realize new feature, but it’s difficult to maintain received code from the team realized the product;
  • there are not employees in the company, who worked out the product and development project knowledge hasn’t been delegated.


Nevertheless, right chose outstaffing team helps you to avoid this points. An effective solution is this case is to hire an entire team. By the way of there is the structure with the division of responsibilities among the members and mutual understanding between co-workers. All of this allows starting a new project and develop it without delay. Basically, main manifest of development industry is the requirement of a full-time team, which develops the products and will maintain the functional. That’s why there are intermediate results.
In a nutshell, the key element in this ongoing process is specialists working out product lifecycle. Because they create the ecosystem of a module, functions and plug-ins directly. The sequence of project body is very important for this system, that is why any project needs developers, who know how it works and how new features can be connected with the product.
In other words, Dedicated Team is suited for projects, that will be released in the future and require ongoing development support. Certainly there are advantages and a little bit disadvantages. A correct understanding of all development models lets you make the right choice.


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