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industry: IT / Marketing

technology: Ruby on Rails / React / Sidekiq / Puma / Devise / PostgreSQL / Heroku

challenge: UpStack required a deployed IT team to be co-located with their in-house staff to aid in frontend and backend web development. They also required enterprise-grade analysis of their existing project issues

solution: A dedicated Active Bridge development team has been working with UpStack on scalable backend and frontend web solutions. The delivered solutions provide companies and individuals with access to all agency data and statistical information.

project length: 16

team size: 7


industry: Fashion, Internet, E-commerce

technology: Ruby on Rails / PostgreSQL / SELENIUM

challenge: PreeLine needed a development team to build an e-commerce platform from scratch for their U.S. based fashion business.

solution: Active Bridge provided two full-stack developers under the team-extension model of cooperation. They designed and executed a rapid build of a fully scalable ecommerce platform integrated with PreeLine’s social networking. The new ecommerce solution also included functionality to allow PreeLine to utilize it for business analysis.

project length: 1

team size: 2


industry: Healthcare

technology: Ruby on Rails / Backbone JS / PostgreSQL / EngineYard

challenge: Everseat needed to upgrade its online presence and move it to a more powerful and scalable platform to accommodate future growth.

solution: Active Bridge provided an easily scalable web solution utilizing Ruby on Rails technology. The delivered application provides a web portal for appointment scheduling based on a user supply and demand equation.

project length: 5

team size: 1


industry: IT & Services, Insurance

technology: Ruby on Rails / PostgreSQL / TFA / Silenium / REDIS

challenge: DaisyBill needed a full-stack provider to renovate their existing project structure and develop a revenue cycle management software application for the U.S. market.

solution: Active Bridge provided a dedicated full-stack team, integrated directly into DaisyBill’s in-house development team. Responsible for frontend and backend development, our developers built a user-friendly, scalable software solution based on a PostgreSQL database. The delivered project represents one of the most robust full-service data integration solutions on the market to date, and Active Bridge has been retained on an ongoing basis to provide project maintenance.

project length: 38

team size: 4


industry: Sport

technology: Ruby on Rails / PostgreSQL

challenge: Freestack needed a dedicated full-stack development team to set up their server and integrate their project with social media.

solution: Active Bridge provided full-stack development services to manage the backend coding on the project. A DigitalOcean server was set up and integrated with a number of popular social media network

project length: 5

team size: 3


industry: Music, Entertainment

technology: Ruby on Rails / React / PostgreSQL

challenge: BeatThread is a startup that needed to organize their development process and build a web application similar to SoundCloud.

solution: A dedicated team of Active Bridge developers successfully implemented audio processing technology, worked out the database architecture, and designed the front and backend of BeatThread’s new platform.

project length: 8

team size: 3


industry: IT & Services

technology: Ruby on Rails / Angular JS / IOS / Android

challenge: nvoyis is a company that works with large market players to sell different products to a wide variety of clients. They needed software that could automatically generate and send invoices, but there was nothing on the market that met their needs. They turned to us looking for a team of developers to design and create invoicing software integrated with both PayPal and Stripe.

solution: Active Bridge came up with a powerful solution designed specifically to cater to the client’s unique business expertise. Several existing third-party solutions had to be integrated to work together to ensure the correct analysis of data from a number of sources. Active Bridge’s developers successfully executed that integration, including PayPal, Stripe, social media modules, and an analytics API.

project length: 3

team size: 3


industry: Banking, Finance

technology: Ruby on Rails/ Postgresql

challenge: Split Payments, Australia’s first open banking platform, needed a development team to build an API with unmatched security, payment collection, disbursement, and management systems.

solution: Active Bridge’s full-stack development team provided backend support, Xero integration, event sourcing technology, and successfully implemented the automation of payment and cross-bank processes.

project length: 36

team size: 2


industry: Services, Encryption, HIPAA

technology: Ruby on Rails / Grape/ MySQL / CouchDB / Datamapper / Electron / Angular6 / ionic3 / IOS / Android / windows / MacOS / docker / hapi.js / sails / AWS/ Aptible

challenge: Mediprocity required full-stack developers to build and support a platform for securing patient health information that could be fully integrated into their existing customer portal.

solution: Active Bridge provided developers which built a fully HIPAA-compliant software for Windows, MacOS, Linux designed to secure patient data and allow synchronization across multiple devices, including desktop computers and smartphones. The new platform can be used in a web browser or through iOS and Android apps can be fully integrated into any existing portal and provides features including a fully access controlled admin panel, groups, distribution lists, emergency alerts, secure form processing, and more.

project length: 24

team size: 3


industry: Tourism

technology: Ruby on Rails, React, PostgreSQL

challenge: Designe and develop luggage storage network from scratch, that lets travelers securely store their bags and luggage in local shops all around New York City, San Francisco, Boston.

solution: the team of Active Bridge developers designed and launched online luggage storage platform to drop off bags or suitcases all around New York City. Main features: simply view listings through the map and search function, online booking to secure a storage, receiving a booking confirmation email to show the booked host, stripe payments, payment security and information encrypting.

project length: 24

team size: 3


Ben Liscio
Ben LiscioCo-Founder

We initially engaged with Active Bridge in 2014 while re-structuring our product and engineering team. More than two years later, we're still engaged to augment our engineering team. They bring excellent Agile and TDD software development practices to our team and are effective and efficient collaborators. They are very experienced running software projects, but equally proficient in adapting to our internal processes. We consider the engineers assigned to our company a core part of the team. Thanks guys!

Joseph Leo
Joseph LeoPresident / Partnership Director

Active Bridge drives our remote engineering team at Def Method. Collaborating with their engineers has kept us delivering running, tested features in an Agile fashion across multiple countries and time zones. Their commitment to quality and efficiency is outstanding.

Benjamin Sigidi
Benjamin SigidiSoftware Developer

Awesome team. Full stack development. Happy to work with these guys any day.

Julia Macalaster
Julia MacalasterCOO, Co-Founder

We worked with Active Bridge as a young startup to build out our first MVP and subsequent updated products. Not only did their teams execute on the assigned tasks ahead of schedule, but they also contributed to our thinking around UX, asking probing questions and suggesting added features that we had not thought about. Overall this is an absolutely amazing team to work with, composed of driven developers and bright minds. We feel so incredibly lucky to be working with them

Julie Freeman Kummer
Julie Freeman KummerCo-founder and COO

We’ve been working with Active Bridge since August 2015. In the first six months, our application (marketplace in the sports industry) was built and launched with a team of 3 developers and a technical lead. The whole team were very responsive, organized and have great communication skills. Best of all, they were very proactive in suggesting improvements or pointing out potential issues in our plans – which we really appreciate as we don’t have an in-house technical team. After the active development phase, we’ve retained Active Bridge for the ongoing development and maintenance of our platform and I couldn’t recommend them enough.

David Rowell
David RowellFounder/CEO

After previously hiring contract developers in countries ranging from the US and Canada, to Vietnam and India, and after having paid variously three times more and three times less per hour, we finally got it right when we found Active-Bridge. Their staff are as competent and productive as the three times more expensive people, and deliver more code per dollar than the three times less expensive people. There’s no better source for best quality, best practice and best value development services than Active-Bridge. We’re delighted and most appreciative. Thank you.

Joseph Carpenter
Joseph CarpenterFounder

If anyone needs a kickass website company, these are your guys! I have used many other companies with nothing but issues and have nothing but good results from Eugene and Active Bridge. You will not find a better company period.
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