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Statistics’s shown that 81% of the business is faced with SEO. But not everyone knows what's SEO, and what does it do?

SEO means Search Engine Optimisation. Select of a search engine depends on the niche and theme of your business.  

Search Engine Optimization can be divided into three stages.

The first stage is the internal optimization according to the standards prescribed in the Google's manual for SEO specialist. Internal optimization includes:

  • semantic core development
  • meta tags writing
  • creating a sitemap in XML format, information to search engines about pages on your site to be indexed
  • development robot.txt - which files should not be indexed
  • check the text uniqueness to avoid content duplication
  • microdata is special tags for Googlebot to identify site data structure

The second phase is an external site optimization, it includes:

  • registration in catalogs. You need to find a few trusting catalogs to include your web resource 
  • the article publication on thematic resources. The cost of placing articles depends on the niche subject, the site age etc.
  • news, useful content

The third stage is maintaining  site position in search results, ongoing existing data analysis.

As you can see, SEO optimization is quite a natural development process, the way to make your resource more attractive to users.


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