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Three steps to get clear app estimation

So many clients who are starting out their projects really just want to know one thing. And that is how much will it cost. It’s incredibly difficult for clients to get an answer to this, and applic...
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How to Make the Offshore Development Company Work for You

Before we’ll talk about one of the most popular forms of offshore development, it’s the ODC or Offshore Development Company, I offer you to get clear what does Offshore Company mean. "Offshore" ...
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Retrospective. How to conduct it? Six Thinking Hats Method

Holding retrospectives is the activity each agile team conducts in order to solve its problems. What is a retrospective? This is a regular meeting where the team discusses their workflow and make c...
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How to Outsource a Web Development Project Successfully

Any change in the web development market leads to a step by step change for the way of doing business because previous approaches don’t yield results. That’s why the requirements for specialists wo...
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